Cute & Easy Sewing Machine Cover

Finally, University Exams are over so I got to go home to my family for a week. Saying goodbye to my family is always hard but this time I was bringing Ditsy back with me (if you don't know already, Ditsy is my sewing machine)! This is Ditsy's first time travelling so I thought I would make her a cute cover so that she could travel in style! After making this cover in barely any time at all I decided it would be a fun and easy project to share. 

When making these measurements remember to account for any dials or anything that might be sticking out of your machine!

1) Length of your machine. Mine was 15".

2) Height of your machine. Mine was 13"

3) Width of your machine. Mine was 8"

Cutting your fabric
We will be cutting three pieces of material (and interfacing), one main panel and two side panels.

The main panel: (Blue)

Take the length of your machine and add a 1 inch seam allowance. (15"+1"=16" for my machine)

Take your height measurement and double it (13"x2=26"), then add your width measurement to it (26"+8"=34")

Your main panel will be 16"x34"

Side panels: (Yellow)

For the side panels you take your height (13") and width (8") measurements.

Cut two 13"x8" pieces. These will be your side panels.

Fabric Cut-out Pieces


Cut three pieces of interfacing the same size as your fabric pieces.
16"x34" and two 13"x8" pieces.

Iron your interfacing onto your fabric and then trim any excess.

Interfacing Cut-out Pieces

Creating your Cover

Step 1:

Place your side panel with its long side along the long side of the main panel, right sides up.
Step 1 (Sewing Machine Cover)
Step 2:
Now flip over your side panel so that it lies on top of your main panel, right sides together. Pin the panels together along the outer long edge. Make sure you pin the corner.

Step 2 (Sewing Machine Cover)

Step 3:
Rotate your side panel so that its short edge is now on the long edge of the main panel. Make sure you try to line this up as tidy as possible. The corner can be hard to get tidy at first but you'll soon get the hang of it.
Step 3 (Sewing Machine Cover)
Step 4:
Pin along the short edge of the side panel, securing it to the main panel.

Step 4 (Sewing Machine Cover)
Step 5:
Rotate your side panel again so that its long edge is on the long edge of the main panel. Once again, ensure you've done this tidy.

Step 5 (Sewing Machine Cover)
Step 6:
Pin the two panels together.

Step 6 (Sewing Machine Cover)
Step 7:
Sew along the pinned edges remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of each edge

Step 7 (Sewing Machine Cover)

Repeat these steps for the other side panel!


I decided that I wanted my machine handle to stick out of the cover. To do this I measured the width and length of my handle. I then located where my handle needed to come through the top of the cover. 

Handle (Sewing Machine Cover)

Cut along the black lines. Then fold under the four flaps you've created, stitch and press. Feel free to add bias binding to this opening to strengthen and add a nice touch to your cover.

In the future I intend to appliqué "DITSY" onto my cover so stay tuned for that update.

Another great customisation idea would be to add a pocket for your foot pedal!

So there we have it, you're very own cute and personalised Sewing Machine Cover!

Goodbye for now!



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