Abakhan Secret Sale

The Abakhan Secret Sale at Mostyn was held on Saturday 28th of March and quite frankly it was FANTASTIC! I was lucky enough to be given a VIP ticket for the event! Fancy eh?! 

So the day started off with a complementary Breakfast Bap and hot drink. I intended to take a picture of these for you (everyone loves foodie pics) but it was too tasty to wait, so you will have to imagine my scrumpy breakfast. After breakfast me and Mum had a wonder around the gift shop in the Cafe, there are so many nice gifts in there and at totally reasonable prices too! 

Before long it was time to go into the warehouse, which looked a bit like this...

...as you can imagine, I was pretty overwhelmed! There were so many great offers and promotions; one of my favourite being the "Fill a Bag for £10". I really enjoyed this because you got SO MUCH fabric for £10. 

Digging in!
I got some great fabrics in my bag! One of the best value fabric pieces I got was a black and white gingham, roughly 15m x 1.5m!! That alone should have cost me more than £10. With this I made, bunting, a cushion cover and half-way curtain (also going to make curtain tie-backs) for my little brother. After making all of this I still have a lot left and planning to make a dress with it! In my bag I also got some Monsters Inc fleecy fabric, which is ideal because it's my nephew's Birthday in June and he LOVES Monsters Inc. That's just naming two pieces I got in my bag, which doesn't even begin to cover it!

My next favourite was probably the "Any 5 Cards of Dress Trim for £10". I only bought 5 but wish I bought more now. I bought some black Satin-like bias binding in this offer and used it for my brothers bunting. I also got some black ribbon, black ric rac, grey ric rac and black flower trim. I really do wish I bought more dress trim but my arms were already full. 

Bargain, bargain, bargain!

Other promotions were pre-filled bags of dressmaking fabrics or upholstery fabrics. Some of these bags were only £2.50! I think I picked up about 3 bags!

I also pickup up three non-fabric related bargains. I bought an ex display chair for £2, a shelving unit for £3 and a basket for 50p (which I used in my Fabric Easter Egg post). I use the shelving unit in my bedroom to hold ornaments. I intend to cover the seat of my chair in fabric to make it more girly, plus I think it will be a fun and cheap project.

Next up, my guilty pleasure: buttons! A WHOLE BUCKET OF BUTTONS FOR £5. I repeat...a bucket.of.buttons. You can bet that I already have some plans of what to do with them. If any of you bought the bucket of buttons I would love to know what you do/did with them. Comment below or tweet me @SewDarnNeat.

Some of my favourite moments of the day were meeting people at the sale, it was great to meet like minded people! It was great chatting to some of the staff, they were very friendly and so very helpful!   It was great meeting Will Abakhan, he was very friendly and made time to speak to me even though he was mega busy. No picture but maybe next time :)

I also met Deborah Simms from this Season of the Great British Sewing Bee. I felt a bit of a fan girl but she was so approachable and friendly. Such a nice and talented lady! Also, loving the new do, almost didn't recognise her without the red hair! 

Definitely hope for another Secret Sale soon but I will need to buy some more storage before the next!

Goodbye for now!



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