Wire Wrap Headband

Recently I've noticed that I'm totally loving gingham, when used for clothing I find it's the kind of thing you can dress up or down. It's very versatile and I'd also say it's unisex. One of the best things about gingham is that its CHEAP! I made my first wire headband to match my Gingham Skater Skirt (blog post coming soon), I picked up my gingham from Abakhan. I made two of these headband, one gingham one bird print. This was SUCH a quick and easy project, I'm going to make lots more of these in the future!


Measurement A)
Measure the circumference of your head and add 8 inches to this number. This will be the length of your headband.

Measurement B)
Take measurement A and add 4 inches. This is the length of wire required.


Fabric that measures Measurement A by 4.5". (For me this was 32"x4.5")
Matching Thread
0.8mm Wire
Pliers (Can be bought here)

How to make

Fold your fabric in half with right sides of the fabric together. 

Snip the two ends of your fabric so that they are diagonal, I cut so that the diagonal is roughly 1.5 inches deep.

Sew from the tip of one diagonal until you are about 1 inch from the centre using a half inch seam allowance. 

Leave a 2 inch gap in the centre then do the same on the other side.

Turn your headband the right side around make sure you poke the corners out, using a chopstick might help.

Bend the wire 2 inches from each end, creating a loop by twisting the wire around itself. We do this so that the ends of the wire don't stick out of the headband or poke us uncomfortably.

Insert the wire into the headband, making sure that the ends of the wire are placed at the ends of the headband.

Optional: Sew a few stitches on the spot into the hoop of wire to stop the wire from being able to move.

Hand stitch or machine edge stitch the 2 inch gap closed, I choose to hand stitch as it gives a cleaner finish.

That's it, done before you know it. I think they are the perfect hair accessory, they are comfortable but stay on very well. I really hope you enjoyed this post and would love to see any headbands that you make. Tweet me your pics using the hashtag #SewDarnNeat

My Gingham Headband

Goodbye For Now!



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