Sew For Charity | Wrap Pyjama Fairies

Sew for Charity | Wrap Pyjama Fairies
Sewing for charity or a good cause is a great way to help others and enjoy your hobby at the same time. Today's post is about a cause/charity that Amanda Chadwick, fellow "fabric addicts" and I set up called Wrap Pyjama Fairies. The idea was raised after Amanda said she was looking for cute 100% cottons to make wrap pyjamas for her 1-year-old daughter to wear when she has heart surgery later this year. A very kind lady donated the fabric to Amanda for the pyjamas. Lots of ladies offered to donate their time and effort to sew some pyjamas for other children undergoing surgery. So Wrap Pyjama Fairies was born.

Soon after starting the Wrap Pyjama Fairies Facebook Group, Julie from 1st For Fabrics donated a hoard of fabric for the cause.
Generous Donation by 1st For Fabrics
The fabric was sent out to some of the 'Fairies' to sew into beautiful pyjama sets for the children.

I haven't yet made a pair but will be starting as soon as my pesky University exams are over (counting down the days!). I can't wait to start making pyjamas in all sizes and colours for the children to love. It will be my first time sewing for charity, but certainly won't be the last.

The members of the group are either 'Fairies' or Donators. The Fairies sew the pyjamas and the Donators will kindly donate fabric for others to sew. To date, lots of donations have been received however more would be gratefully received.

Donate to the cause
  • Must be 100% cotton fabric as the wards can be very warm and 100% cotton 'breathes'.
  • Post a picture of the fabric onto the Facebook Group stating the size of the piece.
  • If you are a business who would like to donate please contact me.
  • Pay for postage to the fairy/fairies (Unless they offer to pay).

Become a Fairy
  • Must be 100% cotton.
  • No embellishments to prevent hazards/uncomfort i.e. buttons, ribbons, beads, ric rac.
  • No metallic thread/fabric etc. The metal can cause burns!
  • Pyjamas can be unisex for ages 0-8 years.
  • Post a picture of your finished garment on the Facebook Group.
  • The pattern for the top is by Habitual (here).
  • Two pattern's are available for the pants:

To see some finished pyjamas made by the fairies please click the album below:

Wrap Pyjamas

There are so many worthy causes out there! So donate your time and skills to help those who need it.

Please SHARE this post with friends/family/on your social media. Let's make hundreds of children, who are in tough situations, much happier.

Goodbye for now!



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