Sewing Toolkit For Under £20.

Since the success and popularity of the Great British Sewing Bee lots of people have been inspired to start sewing. So today is a post for the newbies (like myself), who are wondering what they need in their sewing kit. I know that I will NEVER stop buying little gadgets and gizmos that help make certain tasks easier, so my kit is forever growing. However, I've compiled a short list of items with the basic tools you'll need. All the items are from the same shop (Abakhan) so that you can quickly pop them in your Basket and treat yourself... or hint at a loved one to buy them for you.

1) Straight Pins (£0.80)
You can never have too many Straight Pins. There are various types that you can buy but really they all do the same job. I could say that you need to buy a pincushion but I would recommend you make your own, there are so many free patterns available to choose from. Check out my Pinterest Board for free patterns and pincushion inspiration. I'm sure I will have a Pincushion Tutorial in the near future.

2) Hand Sewing Needles (£1.96)

Hand Sewing Needles are a handy tool to have. They come in very useful when sewing on buttons, sewing on sequins or other finishing touches that can't be done by machine. 

3) Thimble (£1.50)

Thimbles are useful when you are sewing by hand. It will prevent you from pricking yourself but is also useful when sewing through heavier weight fabrics such as denim/leather.

4) Needle Threader (£1.00)
I couldn't live without my Needle Threader. If I'm sewing when I'm tired I find it impossible to thread my needle without this tool. They are so cheap, which is a massive bonus.

5) Seam Ripper (£1.15)
A very important tool, perhaps the most used tool, is the Seam Ripper for unpicking the mistakes that you will inevitably make when trying out new techniques.

6) Tape Measure (£0.60)
Accurate measuring is the key to good sewing. As the saying goes "Measure Twice Cut Once". You will need a Tape Measure and I would recommend the flexible type so that you can measure your curves easily. 

Note: Tape Measures can stretch over time so it is worth checking its measurements every once in a while to check it is still accurate.

7) Marking Tool (£1.55)

Having a tool at hand to mark your fabric without damaging your fabric is very important. It can be using to mark your measurements directly onto your fabric or to transfer pattern markings to your fabric. There are various marking tools available i.e. tailor's chalk, chalk pencil, water-erasable pens and air-erasable pens. It is entirely up to you what you choose however I bought Tailor's Chalk and it's working like a dream so far.

8) Scissors (£3.70)
Do NOT use these Scissors to cut anything but fabric! This will keep them nice and sharp and will minimise fraying when cutting.

9) Thread (£1.60)
Choosing your Thread can be a matter of "Trial and Error". Some thread brands 'disagree' with your sewing machine, this is often the case when buying cheap thread. Make sure you are buying quality thread.

10) Empty Bobbins (£1.00)
These are essential so that you can wind new bobbins when you have run out of a specific colour. Make sure you buy the right size to fit your machine

11) Bobbin Box (£2.95)

This isn't essential but I honestly love my Bobbin Box. I'm someone who has always liked being organised and colour coordinating everything. This bobbin box is nice and compact but still holds 25 bobbins.

Total £17.81*

So you have your toolkit sorted, now get sewing! Share this list with friends on Facebook or Twitter and get them sewing too!

 *Prices correct as of 09/05/15

Goodbye for now!



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