Abakhan Secret Sale: Take 2

Abakhan Secret Sale Review

Here my review on the Abakhan Secret Sale held in Mostyn on 18th of July. This was the second secret sale at Abakhan that I have attended and been fortunate enough to be a Golden Ticket Holder both times. If you would like to read my review of the first Secret Sale click here.

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe this sale would be "bigger and better". This time the sale was held in a bigger warehouse. So instead of being limited to 40 people inside the sale at any given time, this time there was capacity for 200 people! This drastically reduced some of the queues.

Being a Golden Ticket holder was great as this allowed me to enter the warehouse for an hour before the general public could enter. However this meant being at the sale for 8:30, which is fine for most people, but being a student means I'm not very good at early mornings ha!

Mum and I arrived at the Mostyn store at 8:20 and were greeted by the lovely Will Abakhan. At this point Mum and I realised we had forgotten the Golden Ticket. OOPS! Will reassured us that it would be fine and reassured me I wouldn't be missing out on my scrummy Breakfast Bap... nom nom. Will led me, Mum and other Golden Ticket holders into the warehouse. I felt like a big kid feeling giddy about being first into the warehouse.

The first thing I noticed when entering the warehouse was that the walls were lined with rolls of fabric. At that point I knew that my purse was going to feel lighter by the end of the day!

The warehouse was laid out nice and organised and I snaked my way through the tables of treats. I bought two rolls of fabric, each £1. One with birds on it, I think it is ripstop material (perfect for bag making). And the other a slightly sheer fabric with lady birds on it. 

Soon after I saw two cards of fabric that were £10 each. I knew that they would be ideal to make Wrap Pyjamas for the charity I helped created called Wrap Pyjama Fairies where we sew pyjamas for children undergoing surgery (for more info click here). One of them was pink with colourful butterflies on it, and the other was green with a colourful geometric print.

I bought a plastic ex-display storage box for £1, which I'm sure I will find a good use for. You can NEVER have too much storage! My mum picked up 5 tubes of Acrylic Paint for £1 and a Wales Drawstring bag for 10p. I bought 1 lucky dip bag of dressmaking fabric for £2.50. This contained three pieces of fabric, all different sizes and designs but all lovely.

Now to my favourite part of the warehouse sale are the "Fill a Bag" type deals. There was Fill a Bag with Fabric for £10 and Fill a Bag with Ribbon/ Trimmings for £10. I managed to fill 2 bags of each type! I love diving in the boxes looking for treasures, and when I say diving I literally mean DIVING! 

The only thing that I didn't notice in this Secret Sale in comparison to the last was full reels of bias binding. There were a few but not as many as last time. Ah well, I'm sure my purse will thank me for it.

Once I finished bargain hunting in the warehouse I headed over to the Cafe for my Bacon Butty. Once again, it was lovely! I really enjoyed sitting outside the Cafe with a nice cold drink and butty with the sun starting to shine. As I sat, I started thinking of some of my future creation that I intended to make with my fabric finds. I could hear Ditsy (My Machine) calling my name. 

So before leaving for home I had a walk around the store and picked up some "Crocheted with Love Ribbon". I really do love some of the ribbon at Abakhan. There is a great selection of ribbon that you can add to any gift to give it a personal touch.

Once all that was done I felt exhausted and headed for home excited to put my feet up and stare lovingly at my new fabric stash!

Thank you to all staff at Abakhan for being so helpful during the day and thanks for inviting me. If you would like to find out when the next Secret Sale is then fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Did you go to the Abakhan Secret Sale? I would love to hear what you bought!



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