DIY: Pincushion Jar

DIY: Pincushion Jar

Today I have a very cute project for you, this cute little pincushion jar. Any person who sews loves a good pincushion, am I right?! Yeah... I thought so. This pincushion jar would make a perfect gift for a  friend or family member who loves to sew. fill it with buttons/pins or even a miniature sewing kit.

What you'll need:
Glass Jar with lid
Plastic the size of lid (I used an empty milk bottle)
Fabric (A Fat Quarter will do)
Glue (I used a glue gun, Super Glue would work)
What you'll need to make your DIY Pincushion Jar.

Optional: Compass, Pencil, Pins, Ribbon

Making the base of your pincushion
First step is to cut your plastic so that it is the size of your lid. This plastic will be the base of your pincushion. I cut mine out of an old milk bottle.
Cut a circle.

Check that you are happy with the size and shape of your base before moving on.
Check your circle on the lid

Cutting your fabric
Place your plastic onto the your fabric and draw a circle one to two inches larger around your base. The bigger the circle you draw, the taller your pincushion will be.
Cut out your fabric.
Cut out your fabric.

Making your pincushion
Sew a basting stitch around the edge of your fabric.
Tip: A basting stitch is a straight stitch with a long stitch length.
Set a long stitch length

Gently pull on the two threads on the right side of the fabric (NOT the other threads). This will cause the fabric to gather.

Sew a basting stitch

Place some stuffing on the fabric and continue to gather the fabric around it.
Add some stuffing

Place your base onto the fabric and stuffing and continue to gather the fabric until it is snug around the base. Feel free to add more stuffing if needed.
Add your plastic base

Once you are happy with how stuffed the pincushion is and when your fabric properly gathered around your base, tie the threads together and cut the excess thread.
Tighten threads.

Attaching your pincushion to the jar
Apply glue to the bottom of the pincushion base.
Add glue to your pincushion

Now press the pincushion onto the top of the jar, make sure you place your pincushion central on the jar. Press firmly for about 1 minute to allow the pincushion to stick.
Press pincushion firmly onto jar

Jazz it up
I decided to add a ribbon to the jar. Feel free to embellish however you like, get creative!
Add embellishments of your choice

Fill it up
Here are some ideas on what to fill your jar with:
Button filled Pincushion Jar

Bobbin filled Pincushion Jar

Small sewing essentials i.e. Tape Measure, Thimble, Needles, Pins, Safety Pins

Sewing kit filled Pincushion Jar

Sewing kit supplies

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p.s. Happy 4th of July to my American readers!

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