Sew: Wrap Top

Sew: Kimono Wrap Top

Today I have a post for you that I feel quite passionate about, I will be showing you how to make a kimono wrap top. If you read my post about Sewing for Charity then you will recognise this style top. I helped to set up a charity where we sew pyjama set for children undergoing heart surgery. If you would like more info about the Charity or would like to get involved then please read the Sewing for Charity blog post.

This Kimono Wrap Top is the pyjama top pattern that we use for our Wrap Pyjama Fairies Charity but is a very versatile pattern. It can be used to go with any pyjama bottoms, in fact it doesn't have to be pyjamas at all!

What you'll need:

1" Bias Binding. 
- If you are making pyjamas for Wrap Pyjama Fairies then it must be cotton binding. We can not accept pyjamas with binding such as satin as it can cause complications.
- The length of your binding depends on the age of the pyjamas that you are making, here are the required lengths:
- If you are making pyjamas for Wrap Pyjama Fairies then it must be 100% cotton fabric. We can not accept pyjamas made with any other fabric as it can cause complications.

I bought two dress cards, FULL of 100% cotton fabric for just £10 each at the Abakhan Secret Sale. This way I can afford to make plenty of pyjama sets for the charity! Haven't started using them yet but can't wait to start.
100% Cotton Fabric Cards for £10.

Wrap Pyjama Top Pattern

Cutting your fabric.

You will need to cut 1 back pattern piece and you will need to cut 2 front pattern pieces (1 Right Side and 1 Wrong Side). 
*This means that one piece will be a "mirrored" version of the other.*

Cutting your binding.

Cut 2 pieces of 10"/25cm binding from your overall length. Finish one end of each of these. (Fold under the raw edge and sew.

Making the top

Lay your back piece right side up on your work surface. 

Now place on of your front pieces right sides down, onto the back piece.

Now place the other front piece right side down onto back (and other front) piece.

Pin side seams, under arms and shoulders.

Place and pin the binding. One piece of binding is placed so that it's raw end is in line with the raw edge of fabric with a long tail on top of wrap top (left of diagram). The other piece of binding is placed inside the pyjamas so that a small amount of binding (raw end) is poking out of the seam allowance (right of diagram). 

Both pieces are positioned an inch below the armpit. Pin these in place.

Sew side seams, under arms and shoulders. Backstitch over ties and at armpits.
Finish the seams by zig-zagging.

Cut a snip into the armpit to reduce bulk. Do not cut through the stitches.

Fold 1/4" under on sleeves and press. Then repeat by folding under another 1/4". Stitch in place.

Finish front edge of pyjamas (both flaps) by folding under 1/4" twice, pressing and stitching.

Hem bottom of top by turning 1/4" twice.

Attach remaining binding to the neck (up one flap, around back of neck then down the other flap). Leave 10" extra on both sides for tying. Use plenty of pins. Remember to finish both ends of the binding.

Once finished, give it a good press to make it look much neater.

Click here to go to my blog post for the Pyjama Bottoms.

If you found any of the steps difficult below feel free to ask questions in the comments. Will you be giving this tutorial a go? Let me know in the comments below!

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  2. What seam allowance do you use for the garments? I didn't see it mentioned here or on your web site.

    1. The seam is 3/8" its on the main pattern - hope this helps


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