Sew: Nurse Felt Hat

Sew: Nurse Felt Hat
DIY Felt Nurse Hat

This first post is how to sew a felt nurse hat. Today's post is an exciting post for me, this is the first post of a 4-part tutorial. I will be showing you how to sew a nurse costume for Halloween or any other occasion for under £30. Adjustments can be made so that the costume will suit any age group. This project will take less than 10 minutes to complete and is incredibly easy!

The lovely people over at Minerva Crafts sent me all the bits and bobs for this project, so thank you! The felt for this project was plain red and white but you really should check out the Felt that Minerva Crafts offer, there are some amazing patterns and designs!

What you'll need
Download this template I made if you want to make your hat with the same dimensions as mine.
White Felt (1 or 2 sheets of 9"x12")*
Red Felt*
White 3mm wide elastic.*

Cutting your pieces
Cut two hat pieces out of the white felt. We are cutting two pieces so that we can double it up to give the hat some stability. 
Pin Nurse Hat

Cut Hat Piece

Cut one cross out of the red felt.
Cut Red Cross

Rest the hat piece where you want it to lie on your head and measure enough elastic to go from one end of the hat to the other (around the back of your head) and double it.

Assembling your pieces
Place your red cross onto one of your hat pieces and sew around the cross using your normal seam allowance e.g. 1/2". I used red thread but you could use white for contrast.
Sew Red Cross

Place your two hat pieces wrong sides together and sew around the shape using your normal seam allowance.

Sew Hat Pieces

We are sewing it wrong sides together since it is felt and won't fray. This does mean that the stitching is showing so make sure you sew as tidy as possible. I think using red thread as a decorative element would look great!

Sew with red thread?

Fold under the bottom corners of the hat. Fold your elastic in half and sew the folded end onto the corner of the hat using a zig zag stitch. Pin the other two ends of the elastic to the other corner of the hat. Check it fits the head properly then sew into place.

Attach elastic

 Here we have the finished product. What is great about this hat is that it can easily be adapted for any age plus it is mega comfy.
DIY Felt Nurse Hat
Finished Nurse Felt Hat

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial, the other three parts to this tutorial will be on the blog soon!

I'd love to know what you will be making/dressing as for Halloween! Let me know in the comments :)

Goodbye For Now!



  1. This was a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing. It was the perfect accessory for my costume!

  2. Hi Meghan! Thanks for your lovely comment. I'd love to see your costume!

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