My Handmade Christmas Pledge

Why you should shop handmade this Christmas.

You may have noticed some new blog advertisements on Sew Darn Neat this month. This month includes lots of Etsy shops since I believe people need to show more support to handmade crafters and small businesses. I know that my readers are crafty people and appreciate handmade items instead of mass produced junk.

This year I have fallen in love with Etsy, if you haven't heard about it then let me quickly tell you how great it is! Etsy is an online marketplace where artist, designers, crafters and vintage sellers sell their unique and handmade items. I love to shop on Etsy for a special gift or special occasions. (p.s. not sponsored by Etsy, I really do love it!). 

For these reasons I intend to support Etsy Shops by offering cheap advertising space on my blog so that you lovely readers can see these fab handmade items. Shopping on Etsy feels like a more personal shopping experience which I love!

My favorite reason to buy handmade is just that - it's handmade! This often means quality, and a whole lot of love! 

My Pledge
I know Christmas can be a busy and stressful time so sometimes you have to buy in a rush. This pledge isn't anywhere near jaw-dropping but it is a change that I feel is achievable.


I am making my pledge to buy at least 5 handmade items off of Etsy this year. Whether it be small or large, expensive or cheap. It's time we show some appreciation towards the crafty people among us. 

Where to Shop
Definitely check out my blog sponsors' Etsy shops because they have some lovely shops, but honestly just get looking on Etsy. There are some BEAUTIFUL makes! 

Here is my Pinterest where you can see some Etsy items I love! I have boards for gifts for him, mother, father, teen girl and teen boy.

Make the Pledge
If you would like to make the pledge use #EtsyPledge on Twitter or Instagram and let me know you are doing it below!

Feel free to use the below pictures on social media to show that you are joining in.





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