Review: Metre Rabbit and Cottage Mama Party Dress

Review: Metre Rabbit and Cottage Mama Party Dress

Today's post is going to be a little different; I'm doing a kind of 2-in-1 review. I made my beautiful niece a dress for Christmas using the Cottage Mama Party Dress Pattern and fabric from Metre Rabbit. I must admit it was my first time using both Cottage Mama Patterns and fabric from Metre Rabbit but boy, was I impressed and let me tell you why.

The Fabric

The fabric I used was sent to me by Metre Rabbit, you might recognise the name since they are one of the advertisers on the blog. It can be daunting trying fabric from somewhere new but be brave and try these out. They have a beautiful range of fabrics from cotton to fleece, brights and neutrals. The fabric I used was red polka dot cotton poplin for the sash and skirt band and green snowman cotton for the bodice and main skirt. One of my biggest pet peeves is when websites are not user friendly, it puts me off purchasing fabric for sure! However, metre rabbit has an easy to navigate website with a search bar and several categories which meant searching through their Christmas themed fabric was an easy task. 

Metre Rabbit also get brownie points from me for cheap delivery. My delivery cost £2.85 for first class recorded delivery, which is a brilliant price. (I believe this price probably varies depending on how much you spend). There is nothing more off-putting than finding good value fabric then being burdened with a hefty delivery charge. 

My fabric arrived in 2 days so next to no time waiting for it to arrive. It arrived in a pink package, this excited me probably too much (small things really do amuse me). So cute!

The fabrics were so vibrant and pretty soft which was nice and they were easy to sew with. I love sewing with cotton! I think the design of this fabric suited the dress perfectly. 

Metre Rabbit have some amazing discount codes running until the end of February, so go check out their fabrics.
rabbit25 for 25% off all orders over £15
rabbit35 for 35% off all orders over £30
rabbit50 for 50% off all orders over £75

The Pattern

The pattern I used for this dress is the Cottage Mama Party Dress pattern and do you want to know the best thing? It's free for those who subscribe to their newsletter. Like I said earlier this is the first time I've used a Cottage Mama pattern and it certainly won't be the last. The instructions were clear and the pattern was easy to assemble, I can't wait to make many more of these dresses and experiment with some other Cottage Mama patterns. Making the lined bodice gave the dress such a professional finish and made the dress much comfier for my niece. I had many compliments for the dress and it's finish.

The only step that I suppose was a little tricky was Step 20, which was attaching the shoulder seams. The only reason I found it tricky was because it was a new concept/technique for me but the instructions were as clear as they could be and once I tried it for myself, it began to make sense. 

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and consider buying fabric from Metre Rabbit and purchase a pattern from Cottage Mama (or use the free one!). Both of these companies are doing a wonderful job.
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