Overlocker Toolkit For Under £30.

Overlocker Toolkit For Under £30.

Last year I wrote a blog post on a Sewing Toolkit for Under £20 which was very popular so today I will be showing you an Overlocker / Serger Toolkit for Under £30. I've personally bought all of these items and feel these are useful for all your overlocker needs!

1) Tweezers
If your machine didn't come with these then they are a must-buy. I don't know how I would thread my machine without them!

Long Fine Point Tweezers For Overlockers (#)

2) Thread
You can use your normal sewing machine thread on your overlocker by using the Spool Caps that should have come with your machine. However I wouldn't advise doing this. An overlocker goes through thread much quicker than a normal sewing machine (because it uses 4 threads at once). You are better off buying the big thread cones to save yourself some pennies in the long run. If you are on a budget, start by buying 4 white cones and 4 black cones.

Black Overlocking Sewing Machine Polyester Thread (#)
White Overlocking Sewing Machine Polyester Thread (#)

3) Machine Oil
A lot of people don't understand that you may need to oil your machine before using it for the first time. If you are like me and have the Brother 1034D you will need to do this! It is written on page 57 in the manual (... I know what you're thinking, who reaches page 57 before having a go?!). It is the same oil that you should be using for your regular machine.

Sewing Machine Oil (#)

4) Needles
There are lots of different needle types and sizes out there so it may take some research deciding what you need. There's Universal for wovens, Ballpoint for jersey and Stretch for stretch fabrics. You also need to choose the right sizes depending on your thread size. (I may need to write a blog post on this, let me know in the comments if this would be helpful). Just remember if you have a 4-thread overlocker you will need two of everything since the overlocker has two needles.

Universal Assorted Needles (#)
Ball Point Assorted Needles (#)
Stretch Assorted Needles (#)

5) Binder Clips
Using pins with your overlocker is risky business. If you accidentally leave a pin in and "sew over it", this will get messy. Usually if you sew over a pin your knife will break, which could be costly if you're not comfortable replacing it yourself. So instead of using pins, use these binder clips.

Binding Plastic Clips (#)

6) Cleaning Brush
It is very important to clean out your machines regulary, especially your overlocker. Cince it cuts the fabric as it sews, a lot of fluff gets into the machine. Join in with #DefluffFriday with this cleaning brush.

Sewing Machine Brush, Double Ended 6" (#)  

I hope you found this tutorial useful, let me know if you want a tutorial about choosing the right needles. Remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Goodbye For Now!



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