Sew: Newborn Gown Tutorial

In today's post I will be showing you how to sew the Newborn Gown for the Wrap Pyjama Fairies charity that I co-run. This project is perfect for using up small pieces of fabric, you can make a newborn gown from just more than ONE non-direction print fat quarter

Cutting your pieces
1) After cutting out the pattern pieces in the size you are making (Newborn is X-Large Size), pin the pieces to the fabric and cut out the fabric following the pattern piece's curves. You will end up with one back gown piece on the fold and two front gown pieces (mirrored).

2) Use a marking pen or tailor’s chalk to mark the tab placement on the right and wrong side of each gown piece.
3) For the tabs, cut one 4" piece of binding and another 3" piece of binding. Fold 1/4" of one raw end of your binding under and press. Now fold the binding in half (encasing raw edges inside). Sew along length of binding to finish. One end of your binding with be finished, the other will be unfinished.

What you'll need

Fabric (100% cotton)

1" Binding (100% cotton - either shop-bought or home made)
KAM Snaps T5
KAM Snap Pliers
Care label
Optional: 1/2" Cotton Tape (can be used for the two tabs instead of binding).

Making your gown

1) Place your back piece right side up on your work surface. Pin your 4" tab on the left with raw edge facing outward.(We will use the 3" tab later)

2) Place one front piece on top of back piece (and tab) and pin in place.

3) Place second front piece on top of back piece and pin.
4) Stitch along side seam and under arm using 1/4" seam allowance. Clip under arm. Now finish this seam with overlockers, zig-zag stitch or pinking shears.

5) Turn right-side out and press.

6) Pin your second tab (3" long) onto the wrong side of your other front piece and pin the clothing label below it.

7) Pin your bias binding in place, along front edge, shoulders and back.  Make sure your binding encases the raw edge of your 3" tab. Make sure the ends of your binding are folded under 1/4" so no raw edge shows.
REMINDER: Do not add to hem or armholes.

8) Inside view of tab enclosed in bias.

9) Sew binding into place.

10) Hem your bottom hem and armholes by folding 1/8" twice, press and sew. You could alternatively do a narrow/rolled hem.

11) Fold the 3" tab backward in the other direction

12) Stitch 3" tab at outer edge, making it lie in this direction.

13) Attach 3 poppers on each shoulder and two poppers on the tabs. There is a male and female part of the snaps. The male part (stud) goes on the back piece of the surgical gown and the female part (socket) goes on the front pieces.

REMEMBER: All gowns do up back over front at shoulder. The back piece in this garment is the one piece cut on fold. (The other hospital gown has one front piece not two). For the tabs place the longer, 4" tab, on top so there is a bit of tab to get hold of to undo it.

If you would like to know more about the Wrap Pyjama Fairies please give us a like on Facebook. If you haven't yet read the Hospital Gown tutorial and the Wrap Top tutorial, make sure you pop over and have a read.

Goodbye For Now!



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